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I’m a senior here at UNO. I do a lot of gaming on PC. Feel free to add me on facebook and ask me for my Steam profile’s link so you can add me if you like; just be sure to mention you’re from UNOtaku as I don’t accept random requests :/

I watch quite a bit of anime and read quite a bit of manga, my favorite seems to change between several anime series so I can’t choose just one.

007 looks like Kojak!

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Picano-san’s gone this week so it’s twintail fetish guy again! Angel Beats! ALMOST got in…

  • Random: Fushigi Yuugi x1
  • .HACK//Sign x2
  • Cyborg 009 x2
  • Yakitate Japan! x2

Kojak, for those that don’t watch old TV shows (Wikipedia).

Solar Hands?

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I wasn’t here last week! Subbing for the guy with the dog on his head, it’s the twintail guy.

rig- Moe Can Change x1
Akame Ga Kill x1
Yakitate Japan! x2
Hunter x Hunter x2
Senran Kagura x1