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Welcome to UNOtaku’s very own website! We hope to add a variety of information about anime, Japanese culture, and random crap. If you have any ideas or wish to help build this site, leave a note on the facebook page!

In the mean time, check out the pages to the left or click here to begin vote for this week’s anime!

And if I may make a few suggestions on how to vote…

  • Vote for something ‘new’! If it’s been on Cartoon Network, we’ve seen it. Once is enough when there is a world of stuff to watch!
  • Compromise! If you vote immediately vote down a show just because it doesn’t match your preferences… it’s likely that the same will happen to your own! Make a deal with someone, a vote for a vote.

And a few personal suggestions on what to vote for…

  • Utawarerumono: Personal favorite. A man is taken in and cared for by a village despite his lack of memory and his strange, unremovable mask. As the story unfolds, it becomes necessary for the village to fight for its freedom and honor. — The anime pretty accurately follows game, aside from the game’s H-content.
  • Bakemonogatari: In short, Japanese deities are dicks… willing to remove or double your weight on a whim or curse you in some other awkwardly Japanese way. A highschool student takes on odd-job of calming these restless spirits.
  • Invisible Delivery Girl: Never seen it… but seriously,  if the name doesn’t make you want to see at least one episode… there is something wrong with you!
  • Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Actually, you don’t really need to vote, it’s just that popular. In fact, we are currently on the last few episodes!

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