G-On Riders (Review)

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G-On Riders is a magical girl parody series created in 2002. It parodies a great number of “otaku fetishes” incuding maids, sailer outfits, nuns, loli’s, glasses-wearing girls, and so on. It even takes a shot at Tuxedo Mask from Sailer Moon!




In the near future, most of the Earth has been conquered by aliens. However, a small region in Japan has successfully repelled them thanks to the development of “G-On” technology created by the Grand Reflect Armored (GRA). This technology uses special glasses that allow a band of girls to channel special powers that let them fight back against the aliens.

Its up to Yuuki, Sera, and Yayoi to protect the world from the alien invaders and their “Fancy Beast” robots.

Episodes: 13 plus an extra OVA.

My Review: 10/10

This anime is so terribly funny! If you can live with a few perverted jokes, this series will have you rolling in the isles. The series was made very “ettchi free” on purpose as far as fan-service went, so while the jokes are a bit ettchi the actual content is not.

Each character is very unique, the fight scenes are interesting and silly,  and the alien invaders are seriously adorable. Their leader is a loli catgirl who wears a purple dinosaur outfit for goodness sake!

I’d recommend this for anyone who can appreciate an outrageous comedy.

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