Brave Command Dagwon (Review)

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Brave Command Dagwon was created in 1996 by Sunrise, a popular toy and anime producer. Dagwon is the seventh title in the Sunrises “Yusha” (Brave) series, it premired alongside Gundam Wing. Dagwon and Wing are both well known for their appeal with female audiences for their bishonen main characters.




Earth is targeted by evil aliens who have escaped from the Sargasso prison asteroid. Brave Seijin, a galatic police officer, requests aid from five students from Earth to defend their planet from attack.

Each hero is gifted with a “DagBrace” and with the special command “Try Dagwon!” they don battle suits that allow them to fight against these super powered aliens.

When greater power is needed they rise to the challenge and “Yuugo Gattai” (Fusion Combine) with their support vehicles into humanoid robot warriors.

In the face of terrible danger, will these five young men learn to work together as a team to protect our world? The fate of mankind depends on it.

Episodes: 48 25min episodes, plus a two episode OVA. I will note that this series has never seen US release and the only fansub group to adopt it broke up near the end of the first season. Subbed up to episode 17.

My Review: 8/10

Despite the attempt to garner more female fans with bishi leads, Dagwon is at heart a shonen anime (a classic hot blooded show for boys). Strong themes of friendship, courage, and all around hero goodness are prevalent.

While Dagwon uses a Super Sentai (Power Rangers) style, it’s portrays the classic “monster of the week” theme profesionally. Focus is mostly on fighting, although there are a few “mystery” episodes where the heroes must discover the source of the aliens mischief.

The action is very intense and you’ll likely find yourself shouting “Yugo Gattai!” to yourself during the combination scenes. The characters have distinct personalities, albiet a bit stereotypical. The music is very catchy and fits the series perfectly.

The series is very popular among girls, who enjoy both the bishi aspect and the fact that the heroes deep friendship with each other is easily intereperted as… something else.

Although the story is fairly good, I would not reccomend this anime for everyone who’s isn’t into super robot anime (or ambiguous pretty boys).

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