Brave Police J-Decker (Review)

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Brave Police J-Decker was created in 1994 and is the fifth in Sunrises “Yusha” (or Brave) series. As a few of it’s predecessors had somewhat darker stories to them, J-Decker did a full return to a lighthearted comedy story.




The era of promise, the 21st century. Scientific progress not only ushered in a bright future for mankind, but also gave rise to criminal syndicates which employ robots to wreak havoc. To address these criminal acts, the police have formed a new organization: The Brave Police, a team of robot detectives built with Super Artificial Intelligence.

The story follows young Yuuta Tominaga, a grade schooler who makes friends with the prototype Brave Police robot Deckerd. Yuuta’s bond with Deckerd awakens human emotions within his super A.I. giving him, and later his comrades, greater power.

Will the strength of Yuuta and the Brave Police be enough to win against the nefarious plans of the mysterious A.I. specialist Victim and his goal of unleashing the power of a truely evil heart.

Brave Up J-Decker!

Episodes: 48 25min episodes. J-Decker has only recently been completely fansubed thanks to Onmitsu fansubs. Thank you!

My Review: 9/10

J-Decker is your classic Saturday morning cartoon. Full of action, comedy, and even a little cliffhanger drama now and then. J-Decker is really a fantastic series. Many US fans will relate this series to Transformers, and the human/robot relatonship between Optimus and Spike.

Surprisingly, most of the focus is centered around the Brave Police themselves, instead of the fighting, which is a very nice change. The animation quality is good for its time, and the music is uplifitng. The characters dress really oddly however, even for an older anime.

The biggest diffirence between J-Decker and other giant robot shows is it’s slapstick nature. Most episodes make fun of the cast and everyone always seems to have a good time laughing at their antics.

I would reccomend this series for anyone who can get around the robots and enjoy the comedy if your not a fan.

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