D4 Princess (Review)

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D4 Princess was created in April 1999 and consists of 24 “half episodes” each 13 minutes long. A very light hearted comedy that touches on several strong emotions.





What is a Panzer? A Panzer is an armored fighter imbued with several unique abilities, who fights with a weapon called a “Tool’. Wielding a panzer has become popular in society and an increasing number of people are being trained to use them. Beginners kits are even being sold in stores. One out of every ten people is a Panzer!

Our story follows Doris Rurido, a modern day princess, who attends the prestigious Tieto Academy famous for it’s Panzer League. Enamored with Panzers, Doris is determined to become a strong Panzer herself.

However, Doris will have to fight some tough opponents in the arena, but before that she’ll how to learn how to survive daily life without her butler!

Episodes: As mentioned, the series is 24 13min episodes. I do need to note that no RAW ever existed for this anime. The only sub available had to be based off a Korean VHS rip, so the quality is a little poor.

My Review:

D4 Princess is quite simply a very silly comedy, and it mostly centers around how much of a ditz Doris is. The Panzer battles are exciting, and the characters are quite funny.

While most of the series is silly, it does deal with a death near the end, and takes it very seriously. Normally it would seem out of place in an anime like this, but it helps to tie in that Doris grows up a bit.

The cutesy style will likely be a problem for many viewers, but I advise to not let that get in the way. The story, while simple, is worth the watch.

As a side note; the little star plushie you see in the picture actually transforms into her main weapon. Doris jams her hand into the bottom of the star and it changes into a drill. However, the face it makes when she does so is priceless.

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