Meeting Summary: April 28, 2011

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Durarararararararararara x 2


No club this next Thursday! Our next (last) meeting of this semester is Saturday, May 7 from 10AM to 5PM. Feel free to invite friends! For more info, check out the facebook event page!

After Hours Highlights

Various game and show character fights. Also, horrible horrible things.


  1. Katie says:

    Hey!! You said no club this week in your last post… damn you! How far in Baccano have you gotten anyway?

  2. Nick says:

    When does the after hours group *not* talk about horrible things lol. Sorry I missed last night, just wasn’t able to get away for the evening. Hoping I can make it for the 7th though.

  3. picano says:

    If you don’t make it, we’ll drag you kicking and screaming. But yeah, missed you there! (And Katie, seems she misread / mishear my comment about meetings this week. Sorry Katie! >.< ) ... Baccano just finished 8, Durarara finished 14. ... Also, just for your information, you can give yourself an avatar on here (and well, any wordpress site) by registering your email on gravatar ( Any place where you use the same email, it’ll show whatever pic you choose.

  4. Nick says:

    ah sweet, didn’t think of gravatar. I use that for the incredibly rare occasions I post on Random Curiosity.

    The “Are we meeting on the 29th?” was a bit tricky to remember. I’m shocked that the group watched three episodes of Baccano. Was there a massive cliffhanger or something?

  5. picano says:

    Somewhat. I really can’t remember what it was. Might want to catch yourself up. 😛