End of the Year Marathon COMPLETE!

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For everyone that attended, thank you! For everyone that couldn’t, you suck! (We missed ya, really) If anyone has photos from the event or comments, post them in our fan page!

http://www.facebook.com/UNOtaku.club woo!

This was our last official meeting of this school year, we will be starting back up again next August. But…

…don’t let that dissuade you from meeting up with friends from club! A few people have expressed interest of hosting meetings with a small subset of our normal members, I wish you the best of luck with it. — Just remember, our group can get rather noisy / messy — so make sure to OK it within anyone within earshot!

Shows of the Day (I’m missing some… I’ll update as I get word)

  • Black Lagoon x 2
  • Invincible Delivery Girl x 2
  • Boys of Flowers x 2
  • 5 Star Story (Movie)
  • Mononoke x 2
  • Baccano x 2
  • Durarara x 1

And I know a lot of you got to enjoy Brawl as well! If anyone is curious on how to set up their wii like mine (custom characters textures, stages, etc) feel free to bug me (Tony) about it! It’s actually quite simple, just need an SD card and an exploitable game to start.


  1. Katie says:

    Oh Oh, Don’t forget Five Star Stories! (movie)

  2. picano says:

    Added! Btw, you should sign up below so I can give ya editing powers. 😛

  3. Katie says:

    where do you sign up?