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Just curious to see what anime and manga everyone is keeping themselves occupied with over the summer. A few things are still just beginning so… easy to catch up on.



  • Black Paradox [Monthly – 3 chapters so far in!]
  • Bleach [Weekly]
  • Claymore [Monthly]
  • Koe de Oshigoto (A bit of a guilty pleasure… but it is quite funny) [Monthly]
  • Naruto [Weekly]
  • One Piece [Weekly]
  • Soul Eater [Monthly]
  • Soul Eater Not [Monthly – 5 chapters so far!]

3 thoughts on “What are you watching? (Reading?)

  1. SkyHawk says:

    Anime: Panty and Stocking (with Garterbelt) (currently)
    Whatever people suggest I review (and can get ahold of, that’s important)

    Manga: Nothing right now besides Franken Fran (update, damn you!!)

    1. picano says:

      I should pick up Franken Fran… I have a bit of a gap in stuff to do now that Doctor Who is once again on break.

      1. SkyHawk says:

        Yeah, I just started reading PsyRen in the interim between Franken Fran not updating and Doctor Who on break.

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