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First meeting is over, staff has spammed the facebook page with activity, all is good! (Be sure to come visit us again next Thursday!)

In this post, cross-posted between our website and facebook (which I encourage all staff to do, bug Tony for details), is some new news and a summary of past week’s happenings.


  • Voting is online once again! And I see that a few people have already done so here. Click here to have your voice heard and your anime seen! Newly added shows in yellow, recently watched shows in blue. Just remember, compromise is the key!
  • We now have the Crimson room  *in addition to Umoho*! Don’t like a show, don’t want to watch it, don’t want to leave? It will roughly be our game and socialization room, used primarily during anime hours (8-10).
  • Our facebook page (as of this post) has 55 likes! Become one of us!
  • We started with 48 people watching anime, a huge number, far more than expected. We’ll try to get more seating / adjust subtitle usage to accommodate this amount and ended the night with 29! And… this was while still missing some people who either were too busy to come or simply forgot!


  • If you haven’t gotten one of the fliers (still got a ton!) then let it be known that Nebraska’s very own anime convention is coming up this November 4-6! Check out Nebraskon’s website and facebook group for more details! (And if you’re strapped for cash but still want to go… they are almost always looking for volunteers!)
  • New staff! As previously announced, Ben will be taking over the presidency. Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will be decided shortly. (Although, honestly, with our club they are mostly figureheads with little to no actual power or responsibility!)
  • Site updates! As the current president, I’ve handled most of the voting system technical details manually… Over the next few weeks I’ll be programming in some tools for use by future staff!

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