Club Round up!

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Hey everyone, I am a bit late this week, but here is the round up for club:

Hey, starting early let us watch 6 episodes! And by early I mean around 7:45ish, imagine if we started at 7:30… that might even mean 7 *gasp!* So, you all know how that happens… you vote early!  Don’t depend on a voting laptop! (or bring your own!)

So, this week it went down like this:
Blue Exorcist: 2
Madoka: 3, and that is the end, no more! Did any one tear up just a bit? No? Was I the only one? *shiftyeyes* What, I mean I didn’t cry or anything…
Kuragehime: 1

I know some of you are confused by the name Kuragehime, so I added in the description “Jellyfish Princess”

That is all for this week, remember, the 20th is Culture Night, and the 27th is Theme night again!

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