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Roundup time! That was Lucky Star with Diana, if you have any questions post them on the facebook page or post them here! Remember, our discussions tab on facebook is going away and everything will be deleted.

Episodes from this past week!

Blue Exorist: 2x
Kuragehime: 2x

That was all… more Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love %1000 will have to come in November because next week is… THEME NIGHT!

(Heads up, Katie will not be at club that night, so if you want to watch something that only I have, let us know so I can drop it off with someone else.)

We are letting you vote on the facebook page on if you would rather watch a movie, or a series… so far movie is winning.  I have both Vampire Hunter D movies and Blood the Last Vampire (DVD).  If we end up with movies, I will try and make sure that someone has all 3 of those.



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