Almost out of here!

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Tony here! Just a reminder that in a little less than 2 weeks now we will have our end of the semester marathon! I will be ordering some pizza (dominoes 5-5-5, cheese, pepperoni, and whatever else) some time around noon.

Depending on however many people there are, this will probably not be a lot so… if you want to bring anything for yourself or to share, I’d encourage it!

Also… if this schedule is right, we technically have the room this Thursday night as well. Normally we don’t have club on Finals week because… finals week, but if I’ve heard right there are no Friday finals this year. Would anyone be around for a less-official-than normal club day?


  1. William says:

    Id still like to join you all but ive never got a reply from anyone yet.

    • picano says:

      Oh? I wonder if the office screwed up again… They apparently had our contact info wrong for ages (not to mention, they didn’t tell us that we had a mailbox for 3 years)

      I’ll email you.