Summer Meeting 1 COMPLETE!

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Our first summer meeting of the year was a success!  We watched 2 episodes apiece of [C]-Control and Nichijou, the top two voted in by the 10 voters of the week. (Hey, I know there were more people there… if you don’t vote, the communists win! That said, BOWSER REVOLUTION!)

Also, Working! Part of our initiative to get in new content — we watched Working!! as our first soon-to-be-weekly random pick. Also also, we’re gonna try starting anime at 6:30 to get in a full 2 and a half hours (that’s roughly 7 episodes!)

And remember, if you’ve got suggestions for the club — feel free to talk to our staff (…our list on the site isn’t very up to date), post on our faceook wall, or post on our blog anonymously.

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