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The night started off with some genre discussion. MechaNick lead the ‘giant robot anime’ talks: Gigantor  (Tetsujin 28), Gundam, Gunbuster, Evangelion, Macross and more! House somehow ‘lead slice of life’ with the things and the people and not the chicks wailing on each other (editors note: most of the time); fortunately Diana took over guiding K-On and Wagnaria before getting into more harem-like anime Ouran and Love Hina. From there it devolved into an awesome chaos which I was not able to document — until matrix boobs.

Also, random of the night was rigged to give us… Binbou-gami ga! (the exclamation is part of the name) x 2!  Our first voted in show of the night… My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! x 2 And finally, Tiger & Bunny x 2!



  1. Chris says:

    I want to thank all for your info and kindness! Next time I will bring more pizza! Sadly I got a parking ticket. If I can get anything for next Thur. I’ll certainly be able to bring more for the gathering next Sat. Again, thank you!

    • picano says:

      Ah, that sucks about the parking. I ended up grabbing a weekly pass for the year so I wouldn’t have to worry as much.

      Anyway, glad you’re enjoying yourself! I’d be happy to chip in to help with the pizza (and as you’ve seen, Kim has donations set up for the soda).