MechaNight with MechaNick! (Copyright law is awesome!)

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Dai-Guard: Office workers + mascot guy control giant robot. “I was wrong. That’s no 100ft sales gimmick.”

Full Metal Panic: Why don’t you just ask Nick? “I know it’s a condom but I have no idea what use it would be to highschool kids.”

Brave Police J-Decker: A young boy and his robot detective friend. “His heart has been aroused.”

Accel World: Pig Art Online.”It’s your final, last chance!”

Basquash!: Reciprocated love and making robot basketball interesting as it always should have been! “Till the washer’s done I’m gonna tantalize you, softy and sweetly.”

Martian Successor Nadesico: A battleship taking the war to the aliens! Though, the crew has some interesting personalities… To quote Ruri, “They’re idiots.”

Diebuster – Aim for the top 2!: Precursor to Gurren Lagann! “I became topless!”

D4 Princess: Magical armored girl? And short episodes? “I just became a panzer a few days ago… I wanna play with you!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Gundams for the eradication of war. “Geeze, overkill…”

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