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Random of the night: RahXephon x 2! Sword Art Online x 2, Inu x Boku x 2. I think I speak for everyone when I say, the special ending clips for eps 4 and 5 were amazing. Are you S or M? He can tell.

And finally…  cultural hour! Love and romance in Japan! Anyway, according to Diana…

(Forgive any choppiness~ I can’t do dictation nor summarization in real time!)

Japanese men are not touchy-feely! It created a market for “display of affection tools” and the need for “hug classes” and “beloved wife day”! (Editor’s note: same can be said for the women)

Contrary to what you see in anime, people don’t tend to start dating until after high school. High school students are less likely to be invested in relationships and are more concerned with grades. Elementary school relationships are like those of high school here in how they “last”.

Due to the lack of socialization during schools years, there is a certain shyness; dating services and group dates are more common. In Japan there are dating services where men will pay to text with women. “No, they are not prostitutes!” There are also telephone clubs where men can pay to receive phone calls from women — though, it can be anyone from teens to grandmas.

“So now that we’ve gotten into a serious relationship, let’s talk about intimacy in a relationship.” As we know, space is limited over there — so what we’ll see is “love hotels”. Although these have some rather obviously purposes, the rooms can be rather nice and there is even a variety of theme — some tourists or even Japanese citizens themselves may use them in place of a normal hotel.

“I can take you in there and show you how to do it!”

Random tidbits:

“So, they had a large orgy.” — Talking about a Japanese attempt at a world record.

Email correspondence is more for beginning relationships while texting can be far more personal.

It can be hard for women to get married as they get into their later 20’s an 30’s; past this age it isn’t uncommon for them to remain single.

The average age of marriage for men is 30, women 28 with the overall average being around 25.

For those who ask, yes, there are some arranged marriages! Outside of traditional situations, this can  also happen if parents feel that their children aren’t putting in enough effort. With these, there are often 3 dates and whether or not there is a marriage will be determined by the third one.

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