Aim for the Top! Gunbuster (Review)

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Aim for the Top! Gunbuster was created by Gainax in 1988. This anime was created by the same director as Neon Genesis Evangellian, and had the same character artist as both Macross and Gundam 0080. So as you can see Gunbuster has quite the prestigious roots. It was also the first anime to patent what is now known as the “Gainax Bounce”.




In the near future mankind has discovered a mode of faster than light travel and we begin to explore space outside our solar system. However, during early exploration we encounter a race of huge aggressive insectoid like aliens. After discovering us these Uchuu Kaijuu (Space Monsters), begin to approach Earth.

Humanity responds by building space battleships and giant fighting robots. These “Machine Weapons” are an advanced type of fighting suit, however they are very difficult to operate. Canidates from all over Earth and the Lunar colony gather at a special training academy to be taught the skill they will need to defend earth, and hopefully to be chosen to pilot mankind’s greatest weapon “Gunbuster”.

This story follows a rookie trainee named Noriko Takaya and the schools ace pilot Kazumi Amano in an emotional battle to save our home.

Episodes: Six 26min episodes, plus six 3min “Omake” science lessons

My Review: 10/10 Enjoyable by Everyone

Approaching it’s 25 year anniversary, Gunbuster is indeed a classic anime. The animation is quite charming and the directors used several unique movie effects (part of episode six is in monochrome for example). Focus is much more on character relations than on battles, and their personalities and emotions feel very real.

The series is rather short at only six episodes, but it has zero filler. It does start off a little slow in episode one, but once they get to space the pace picks up nicely. It does have a sequel that continues the story, however the connection is only truely revealed in the last few moments.

Gunbuster also has short extra science lessons that aired with each episode to help explain the complicated science behind the scenes. Hosted by chibi versions of the characters, their silly interactions were likely suppose to make it easier to digest the incredibly technical explanations on space dynamics, but they’re honestly very boring. These are seperate and not required to watch.

For any fan of mecha anime this series, and it’s sequel Diebuster, are a must watch. You are seriously missing out if you hav not seen this.

As an additional bit of trivia; Before Gunbuster, the retro robot Diatarn 3 had held the title of “Tallest Giant Robot” at 120 meters tall. Gainax, always wanting to push the limits, created Gunbuster to be twice as tall at 240 meters. In each sequel they continue to top themselves with larger and larger title mechs.

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