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For those of you who don’t speak day book 5, “this is what hell looks like”. The blind negging system should be fully functional after the little hiccup today.

Our random of the night was Kobato! Ioryogi yelled and pointing his fluffy blue arm at us, making us watch 2 episodes before continuing on with 2 of Welcome to the NHK and 2 of Working!!

Also of note, we had a veritable banquet of snacks this week! Soda and chewy fruit courtesy of Kim, chips via Ben, and sausage/cheese/crackers from your all powerful webdev (Tony!). Hope I didn’t forget to mention anyone… any food shared is welcome! A few of us come straight to club from work, so a “balanced” meal is a Godsend.

Summer Kanji Week 8? (The Sinfest List!)

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Just about 260 Kanji down now (eh… mostly, the more rehearsed the better). This week’s list inspired by the great web comic, Sinfest!

Remember, more Japanese learning materials are linked to from here!



公開状 (Open Letter)

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(The following open letter is as much for my own practice as it is for anyone else who wishes to respond. Depending on how well this goes, I might do this more often. I’ll likely make mistakes so… feel free to argue usage, syntax, or otherwise correct me.)

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