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Cosplay! That’s how we started the night — Katie graced us with her presence, starting out with a brief history of her own cosplay and how it has progressed.

Some quick tips from our local master:

  1. Go with someone you like.
  2. Buy a sewing book.
  3. Ask yourself ‘can I make or buy?’ for each individual piece. (If buying, make sure the picture is an example of the sellers and not just a stock photo!)
  4. (My favorite tip) Ask yourself ‘what can I cheat with or go without?’
  5. Don’t cosplay to one-up others.
  6. A thick wig is usually a good wig.
  7. Human hair and wigs should be treated differently.
  8. You get what you pay for.
  9. Do you homework before buying or requesting a commission! (Wild cosplay seller ran!)

For more cosplay. you can check out her official cosplay facebook page!

After that, we watched Kamisama Dolls x 2 and Tiger & Bunny x 2 — no random this week as we were already a bit short on time! Still, an awesome club night.