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Shinigami-Sama wants you to get an extra vote!

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This week (that is, the voting week of Thursday, September 22nd) all registered voters will get an extra (non-stacked) vote! Here’s what you need to do! (And I do suggest you vote early… I won’t always be around with my laptop!)

  1. Register on our website.
  2. Check your email for login details.
  3. Visit our voting page.
  4. Use the login form on the right.
  5. Enjoy your five votes! (May I suggest…. [C]-Control or Utawarerumono)

Also, the following week (voting week of Thursday, September 29th) is… Bad Shoujo night! The first of our theme night, the first of our theme nights this semester.

What other special nights will we have? What other benefits will registered users receive? That’s for you to decide! Comment with ideas and we will do our best to make (the interesting ones) happen!