Welcome to UNOtaku's official website!

We are University of Nebraska's anime club and meet every Thursday from 5PM to 9 in Milo Bail room 224 (check facebook to be sure; the construction keeps us on the move). Keep watch here, or our facebook page, for new information!

You need not be a student to join, though parking might be a bit of a hassle. We're a very relaxed club, just walk on in. --- Also note that the first hour or so is social hour, where we play internet videos that may not be anime related.

If you need any more info, feel free to email us!

Random anime suggestions!
Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibō): Osmosis Jones: The Anime!
Kemono Friends (Kemono Furenzu): Japari Park is a large zoo home to extant species, endangered species, extinct species, cryptids and some legendary creatures. Due to a mysterious substance known as "Sandstar", all the animals have become anthropomorphized into girls known as Friends (フレンズ Furenzu?).[2] The manga follows a park keeper named Nana who looks after the various Friends in Japari Park. In the anime, a girl known only as Kaban wakes up in Japari Park with no recollection of who she is or how she got there and encount
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: Socially Awkward students live together


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Voting is done until further notice.
Voting will be done manually.
We are currently looking into fixing the issue and will do so ASAP I think that Alucard broke it!!!


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hey chris eat my shorts

End Of The Year Party Coming Up!

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So before I get to the anime we watched, let me tell you all about the upcoming end-of-the-year party!  It is December 18th from 10am-5pm.  Location hasn’t been decided yet, so I’ll update you all on that later.  Now for the anime!

My Hero Academia: 12-13

RE: Zero:  20-21

Seven Deadly Sins: 10-11

Baccano: 10

Starting From Zero!

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I think we got more people tonight then previous nights.  Welcome!  Here’s what we watched:

Re: Zero:  18-19

Baccano: 8-9

My Hero Academia: 10-11

Seven Deadly Sins: 9

Who Wants To Live Forever?

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Hello everyone!  We almost watched Wakfu tonight, which would have been interesting (for those that don’t know, it’s a French cartoon in the style of anime much like Avatar is an American cartoon in the style of anime).  So what DID we watch?

RE: Zero:  16-17

Seven Deadly Sins:  7-8

Baccano!:  7

My Hero Academia:  8-9

Back To Updates!

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Hello!  Some of you may know me as Lisa from club.  From now on I’ll be updating the site again!  Also, reminder that there is no club next week due to Nebraskon.


Re: Zero 14-15

Soul Eater 1-2

Seven Deadly Sins 6

Baccano 5-6


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HeroRig of the night: Bungo Stray Dogs x 2

  • My Hero Academia x 1
  • Assassination Classroom x DELAYED AGAIN
  • Erased x 2
  • Dagashi Kashi x 1
  • Log Horizon x 1
  • RWBY x 1

You can become a hero

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BecomeAHeroRig of the night: My Hero Academia x 2

  • Assassination Classroom x DELAYED
  • Osomatsu x 1
  • Erased x 2
  • Seven Deadly Sins x 2

Oh Myyy!

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  • Assassination Classroom x 1
  • Erased x 1
  • BACCANO x 2
  • Osomatsu-san x 2
  • Show by Rock!! x 1

Break? What break?

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  • bakaAssassination Classroom x 2
  • Baccano x 1
  • Seven Deadly Sins x 3
  • Erased x 1