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Utawarerumono (Game and Anime review)

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Hot… I… I am burning…. My whole body… my throat… burning… Water… Please, someone…

A man, struggling to retain consciousness, noticed two girls. The older one explained how her grandmother is treating him while the younger one curiously watched. Before blacking out, he managed to thank her.

Utawarerumono is the story of a small village and its transformation by a masked man without a past.

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Toriko (Quick Review)

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The world has entered the gourmet age! — Follow Toriko, a gourmet hunter, and Komatsu, a 5-star chef, as they gather rare, delicious, and often dangerous ingredients. Humor, action, and tons of foods you’ll wish were real…

While the manga may be 140 chapters in, the show is still just getting started. So, if anyone is looking for a new summer anime, that can’t be marathoned in a day; this might be a good option.

First 6 episodes currently available on Hulu!

Horror Manga by 伊藤潤二 [Itou Junji] (Review)

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This isn’t a review of any single manga but rather an overview of all of Itou’s work to date. If the title of this post didn’t get through to you, this guy primarily does horror manga — with a few exceptions, most notably his Cat Diary (which I have yet to find anywhere…) Anyway…

If you are squeamish at the thought of mechanized methane-powered zombie sharks, a beautiful girl everyone loves (to kill), or simply twisted (physically and mentally) human beings, turn back now.


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