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Solar Hands?

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I wasn’t here last week! Subbing for the guy with the dog on his head, it’s the twintail guy.

rig- Moe Can Change x1
Akame Ga Kill x1
Yakitate Japan! x2
Hunter x Hunter x2
Senran Kagura x1

Kamigami no Asobi (Review)

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So I haven’t reviewed any anime before, but I figure my first review should be a new anime that just premiered on the 6th of April in Japan. *This anime has been added to the voting list*

Kamigami no Asobi is  based on an otome dating-sim game of the same name. Kamigami no Asobi stars heroine Yui Kusanagi, who is ordered by the Greek god Zeus to try and help the gathered Gods, from a few different mythology realms, understand and become closer to humanity in the course of a year at a High School created to help them learn important lessons. From everything I have seen and read so far is that depending on how they choose to go, there’s a chance for some serious emotional outcomes. Will Yui be able to help the selected Gods understand the nature of humans again? Or will they be forced to stay at the high school for the rest of their lives?

There are currently 12 slated episodes and 2 have aired in Japan as of 4/15/14.

My Review: 8.5/10

So far from what I’ve seen, Kamigami no Asobi is your traditional “Reverse Harem” style anime that, as you would expect, taps into female fanservice, especially evident in the transformation sequence that happens in the first 3 minutes of the first episode. However, don’t let that mislead you as it seems to be a bookend that leaves questions that will hopefully be answered as the series progresses with surprises that will make for an interesting series.

It does take on a bit of an Ouran High School Host Club feel with the flowers that pop up around each of Yui’s potential love interests when they first meet;  couple that off with the sprinkled in bits of humor which I’m pleasantly pleased with as I was a very huge fan of Ouran to begin with. Top that off with Gods from the Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and Japanese mythologies and it pulls in a vast array of different character types.  Plus, what’s not to like about attractive looking men?

Of the female protagonist, I would say that Yui is a well written character with a good set of personality traits that doesn’t seem so cookie cutter. I hope to see her Kendo training come into play in later episodes. It will also be interesting to see if she falls for the seemingly Tamaki like character, Apollon, or one of the other male God bishies.

Recommendation: Worth a 3 episode watch.
– It will be interesting to see how each God plays into the series along with interacting with Yui and what challenges Zeus may throw at the bunch. If you like mythologies of Greek/Norse/Egyptian/Japanese realms, along with reverse harems such as Ouran HSHC or Fushigi Yugi, it’s definitely worth a look.


The Half Asian Corner has an actual text post now!

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As many of you know, my name is Diana and I am the resident Japanese Cultural Advisor. Due to work schedules, I haven’t been able to make it into club since the beginning of the year. Anyways, as the Japanese Cultural Advisor, I am here to impart knowledgable things about Japan and Japanese culture to the club. This is important because Japan is the birthplace of Japanese Anime, and seemingly so, through anime, sometimes there tends to be misconceptions about what is legit and what isn’t in terms of cultural perceptions. And that’s why I’m here; to clear up those faux pas and give you real insight into what the anime doesn’t show you or just to talk about certain issues that affects the current culture in Japan.

One such topic that I’d like to touch on today is the topic of Hikikomori (also can be known as a NEET,) and the sociatal shift from human to human interaction to a society overrun by technology. If any of you have seen the anime ‘Welccome to the N.H.K’ the subject of Hikikomori is discussed and looked upon as it is a societal shift happening in Japan. Essentially Hikikomori are shut-ins that have no jobs and are often times completely sheltered within their own homes. For many, it is social anxiety bumped up to unreasonable extremes. Some hikikomoris live off of allowances their parents pay for them, some live purely off of the government welfare, and there are some that will have jobs where they don’t need to leave their homes. Eventually in the anime, the main character is slowly able to be persuaded to come outside and live a little more of a normal life, but you can see the struggles he faces in terms of dealing with the anxiety and not assuming that everything around him is a conspiracy.


Some of you may be aware of the fact that Japan is going through a so-called “crisis” where dating and the need for physical intimacy has plummetted to lows that seemingly need to have attention drawn to the epidemic of sorts. While it is true that the dating trend has gone down, and that factors like herbivore men, have become more mainstream, I’m here to quell any fears that dating will become extinct in Japan. Or that people will 100% devolve to a state, like seen in an episode Futurama where Fry dates the Lucy Liu robot, where people will only have romances with technological beings.
grass-eating-boy “I hope you like your men grass fed”

It seems like the largest population that is rebeling against the Herbivore men are the women. They want the days where men would actively seek out the relationships and make the moves. They don’t want men who are virtually without drive anymore. Many Herbivore men enjoy being pampered and cared for by the women and are seeking the comforts of a more feminine side to life in some aspects. Many of these men don’t perceive marriage or relationships as goals they want for themselves until much later in their lives. The harrowing fact of that is many women have a biological clock that is ticking and has no place to wait for men to get into gear or wanting a relationship.However, this isn’t to say that there aren’t women that also live the hikikomori lifestyle as well. A good example of this is the anime, Kuragehime, or better known in English as Princess Jellyfish. This anime follows a group of self proclaimed NEETs that are otakus, (bear in mind that Otaku is an all encompassing term for “geek/nerd” rather than someone who really likes anime. And example of this would be a Train Otaku or Kimono Otaku.) These characters again are individuals that have difficulty going out in public and are extremely shy around the opposite sex. They would much rather not deal with the reprocussions of being in a social environment.

Kuragehime - 03 - Large 13

Another BIG reason for the decline in dating is how much technology has shaped the terrain of dating. As seen in our own society, face-to-face interaction has declined and it is obvious that vocal talking over the phone has taken a dramatic increase as technology has seemingly cause a psychological switch to happen. This transition has undoubtedly made a large impact in the dating community, along with younger generations who have stated things like, “How did people talk to others if they didn’t have texting?!” For me personally, this is a bit of a shock and I will do everything I can to encourage my children to learn how to talk to people on the phone. Combine that in with the fact that some NEETs play video games and they then begin to rationalize legitimate relationships with video game characters instead of focusing on real relationships with members of society. With all that adding up, it’s easy to see how alarming it can be that romance and relationships in Japan seem to be on the decline.

And they lived happily ever after… in digital matrimony.”

There’s a lot more that I can get into if anyone would like, but I think for now, I’ll leave it at this as I feel like it’s provided a decent over view of something currently affecting Japanese culture. I hope to make a post monthly of different things worth talking about and various points of interest. Recently Girl’s Day happened in Japan, so perhaps this next month I’ll contribute something along the lines of different Japanese Holidays.

With that hope you all have a good rest of the month!
~Diana M
Resident Japanese Cultural Advisor.

Merry Christmas (Eve)

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Just a reminder that we will not meet again until the 10th. Also, revival items only work on players who have been dead less than 10 seconds.

For anyone that has finished the anime already, and still wants more… there’s at least 7 more volumes worth of content in the light novel. I’ve personally read up to 11 (which was recently released in Japan) and now will probably read the side content (though, volume 2 was mostly SAO side content — of which our late Sacchi came from…)

S or M?

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Random of the night: RahXephon x 2! Sword Art Online x 2, Inu x Boku x 2. I think I speak for everyone when I say, the special ending clips for eps 4 and 5 were amazing. Are you S or M? He can tell.

And finally…  cultural hour! Love and romance in Japan! Anyway, according to Diana…

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New Anime Added!

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We have a new anime added to the list, the newest anime from the director of Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena: Mawaru Penguindrum!

New Anime

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Just a heads-up for voting.  We have added “Bakuman”, “K-On!” and “Wolverine” to the list.


What are you watching? (Reading?)

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Just curious to see what anime and manga everyone is keeping themselves occupied with over the summer. A few things are still just beginning so… easy to catch up on.

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