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Manga Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

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I have been a fan of Jojo for a few years now, I started out reading Stone Ocean, the 6th arc back when it was still coming out.  When I realized that there was a much larger back story involved I went back and read all of it.  Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure starts out with the story of Jonathan Joestar and and Dio Brando and the rest of Jojo revolves around the family line of the Joestars. With out giving to much away, the Joestar family takes in Dio after his fathers death and try and raise him like a son, but Dio being the asshole that he is, spends most of his life with the Joestars trying to beat down Johnathan and generally doing horrible things.   The Joestar family owns a relic called the Stone Mask, which after a bloody fight between JoJo and Dio, something strange happens when the Stone Mask is hit with blood.  Eager to learn more, Jonathan studies the mask to discover its secrets, but it is Dio who discovers them and uses the mask to ultimately try and destroy the Joestar line once and for all.

Their are 8 arcs currently:
Phantom Blood
Battle Tendency
Stardust Crusaders
Diamond is Unbreakable
Vento Aureo
Stone Ocean
Steel Ball Run

Mangaka: Araki Hirohiko
Published: 1987-2003 in Weekly Shonen Jump, 2004-current Ultra Shonen Jump
Yeah, that’s right, this manga has been going non-stop since 1987, which is important to remember if you start reading, the 80s where a long time ago and the art shows that.

Where to read it? Well, the 3rd arc is published by Viz, but stupidly hard to find.  I don’t normally recommended Manga Traders, but to be able to read Jojo in order you have to download it from them.  (yeah, those idiots over at Mangareader can’t put the chapters in the right order)